Why Reasonable Eating

We must surely be doing food wrong in the 'developed' world.

Most people I meet are 'carrying a few pounds' yet apparently know exactly what to do in order to lose these pounds: Eat less and exercise more.

They have plenty of stored energy already secreted about their person but are nonetheless continuing to take in more energy than they need.

They are either already on a diet, or know they should be on a diet. Or think they should be on a diet.

Or I think they should be on a diet.

Some may have been on a diet that hasn't worked, or more insidiously, may have been on a diet that worked perfectly well… for while they were on it...

But fast forward three years and they're back at their original (or even greater) weight and resigned to the fact that they're the sort of person who 'has a slow metabolism' or has a 'genetic pre-disposition to obesity', or 'Well, you'll just have to love me how I am. I can't do anything about it.'

You've met them. We all have. And as you'll discover in this book, it's mostly not their fault.

It is of course a certainty that there is a wide range of appetites, assimilative efficiencies and metabolic rates among humans, but deep down we also know that overweight people really don't get overweight by accident.

Most of us use our own hands to transport food to our own mouths, assisted or not by the flatware.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I find it hard to believe that anyone has somehow ended up ingesting food accidentally, on a regular basis, for a sustained period of time.

It's probably a lot easier to believe that they chose to eat it.

So, in essence, it could be really stated as simply as this:

If you take in more energy than you use up, you will store this excess energy as fat.

Although, since everybody already knows this, I’m going to put a lot of my energy into demonstrating that it can't be quite this simple.

I’ll be spending most of this programme discussing algorithms that can be applied to start creating some instant changes in your life. If you want to. The choice is yours.

I'm going to be covering a bunch of ideas in this programme that may for the first time ever allow you to believe that it’s not only possible for you to get to a healthy, balanced, slim physical state, but that it’s actually quite easy.

Our biggest fear is usually not that our goal is not possible, and that we're going to waste a huge amount of time trying something that just doesn't work. No, that's typically not the problem.

Our biggest fear is often that it's going to be too hard for us, because we've failed at lots of things we've tried before.

This programme could just be the answer to any eating issues you've had in the past.

If you've ever been one of those people who were fully aware of what they should be eating, yet equally conscious of how poorly you were sticking to your plan, then this programme could be for you.

This programme is about adopting habits of eating that are ’reasonable’.

It's not a diet programme, it's an eating programme.

It's not really about WHAT to eat, although that clearly will be a part of it, it's much more than that: It's also about HOW to eat, WHEN to eat, and WHY to eat.

It's about how to live: enjoyably, well, and above all, long.

It’s about finally finding an approach that we have a chance of sticking to, something that all of us average people can do, without a back-breaking deal of effort.

It’s about using the minimum amount of willpower to achieve the maximum effect.

It's about doing nothing more than reasonable things that over an extended period produce quite extraordinary results.

Reasonable Eating:

Reasonable algorithms. Extraordinary results.

For your consideration, here's a random collection of tenets upon which the programme has been based:

1. A man who controls his eating controls his life.

2. There is no such thing as truth. There is only science.

3. Science is never 'true' but seldom unhelpful.

4. There is no such thing as proof. There is only evidence.

5. Things should be made as complex as necessary to contain meaning. But no more so.

6. Life is about energy not things.

7. Your experience of life will never exceed the relationship you have with yourself.

8. The only thing we can be truly sure of is that there's an awful lot we just don't know, about pretty much everything.

9. Only the Sith speak in absolutes.

10. Don't listen to anyone, including me. It’s your life. It works best when you run it yourself. Which starts with making up your own mind.

11.This programme goes up to eleven.

This programme solves the problem of implementation, not information.

Information's easy, it's the implementation that's hard.

The Structure of the Programme

Foreword - There HAS to be a better way.

Chapter 1 - Why Reasonable Eating?

Chapter 2 - What is Reasonable Eating?

Chapter 3 - Where did Reasonable Eating come from?

Chapter 4 - The System I used: Reasonable Algorithms

Chapter 5 - The Algorithms: Start here if you're ready.

Chapter 6 - The Evidence: Hope for the hopeless.

Chapter 7 - Next Steps: Doing a Gandhi.